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If the chemical preservative in the container is splashed or spilled, refer to first aid measures on the reverse of this pamphlet. Store the container in the dark between 2 - 4 degrees celsius (e.g..

Because proper collection and preservation of 24-hour urine specimens are essential for accurate test results, patient should be carefully instructed in the correct procedure. NOTE: When a creatinine clearance is ordered, a blood creatinine level needs to be drawn within the 24 hour period of urine collection. This requires a separate requisition.

afternoon, and evening was tested for sodium along with a specimen from the 24hour collection.- Preliminary results of modeling the results from this study indicate the combination of the first.

genitals before passing urine. • A midstream urine or early morning specimen is not required. Why first catch urine? The first 20-30mL of the urine stream is important to optimise the collection of infected desquamated cells from the urethra or cervix which are present in the urine. Misinformation about the need for an early morning urine.

Cells held overnight in your bladder, which are eliminated during your first morning urination, might be degraded, making them difficult to analyze in the laboratory. What you can expect During the procedure. A urine cytology test requires a urine sample, which you provide by urinating into a sterile container. In some cases, a urine sample is.

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1. Insertion of an in and out catheter just to collect the specimen. 2. Closed system collection - collect from the catheter tubing. Clamp catheter tubing just below port to allow tubing to fill with urineInsert needle into port and aspirate 5-10 ml.Empty syringe contents into sterile specimen cup and send to lab.

Procedure . Before beginning 24 hours urine collection , patient is asked to void. Discard the sample and note the time. Document the starting time of urine collection in the. urine collection • Random Urine specimen (drug abuse) • First-morning (microscopic examination, b-HCG, • Clean -catch specimen (MSU ) For urine culture • 24 hours urine For quantitative chemical determinations in urine.